Many Hands Make Halloween Happy



About 60 little goblins showed up for the annual Halloween Hayride sponsored by the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association Saturday night. Costumes from Scooby Doo to a little bumblebee were on display.

The party started on the Landmark patio. Owner Kevin Mystrom fed the hungry little goblins hotdogs, chips and soda, all compliments of the Landmark. Participants then had a costume parade and prizes were awarded by Judy Toll, one of the judges. That job seems to be tougher every year.


The children of Christopher Creek lined up for the community's annual Halloween Hayride. The event included a costume parade, and prizes were awarded for best costumes.

After the costumes were judged, participants loaded up on the Halloween hay cart and headed out for a fun night of trick-or-treating. Unfortunately the wind was not cooperating. It seemed to get windier as they went along.

Christopher-Kohl's Fire Department kept the youngsters safe. Chief Bob Lusson stayed in front of the cart and Scotty VanEckhotte followed, playing great Halloween music over the speaker. Randy and Debbie Dawson helped get everyone on and off the cart and all the homeowners made it a great night of trick-or-treating.

Later that night, house decorations were judged. The winners were Bradley and Peggy Geisler, Ron and Barbara Milnarik, Sam and Carin Christian and Ray and Margie Larsen.

Friday at 7 p.m. is the adult Halloween Costume Party at the Landmark. There will be special witches brew, DJ music by BLJ and a costume contest with prizes.

Tuesday night's Ladies 9 Ball tournament at the Landmark was won by Candy Hart who took first place, second went to Phyllis Mullen and third place went to Patty Boeschling.

I was not able to attend because my mother, Marian Serge, my sister and her husband, Kathy and Chris Kirkland, all from Pennsylvania, are visiting. They are glad to be in sunny Arizona were it is warm. They are especially glad to visit Christopher Creek where we have four seasons and get to enjoy the fall-like weather and meet the friendliest people around.


Here are the birthdays for November: Nov. 9, Pastor Ed Hepworth; Nov. 10, Al Dale, Jim Wheeler; Nov. 13, Larry Boeschling; Nov. 16, Ray Larsen, Kenny Hamilton; Nov. 22, Chris Purtee, Bob Quay; Nov. 27, Don Anderson, Stan Szczepanski; Nov. 28, Robert Jones, Dorothy Sagert.

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