We Live In A Miracle Town



Last night I witnessed a miracle.

I went to the Elks Lodge for their casino night, just to support the lodge. I don't gamble, except a little in the stock market and in real estate, only that is with real money. I was going to pay my $5, have some snacks and a Pepsi and leave early.

I gave my bag of poker chips to someone, and began to walk around greeting my friends. As I did, I began to watch one table in particular as they played. It looked like fun. I was asked why I didn't play, and I said I gave my chips away. After awhile, a very special person whom I will simply call a "net giver," as is her husband, handed me a bag of chips and said, "Sit down and play." So I did.

Incidentally, she and her husband are always there making preparations before. She made "cheese balls" and stayed around after to clean up and put things away.

It is not them that I am writing about, but someone should write a book about them, and perhaps someone has without even knowing them personally.

Now, see, it was not real money that we were playing with, and the couple I alluded to, wonderful as they are, are only two of many who paid their five bucks to get in and spend the night, and play.

And, who is the winner? Kids hoop shoot, kids hockey, scholarships, the food bank, the needy, the homeless, and on and on.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend and participate in another miracle, the Care Fair 2003. There were hosts big and small, young and old, who were running around looking for ways to help. There was a stand, out back, where a young couple were giving away pop and cookies.

The place was full of Kiwanians, which accounts for my being there, Rotarians, Hospice, Habitat for Humanity, Melonhead Foundation, and many more, telling their respective stories about how they perform miracles in and around Payson, and also inviting non-participants to become involved in one of these many organizations.

Thursday morning, I had breakfast with my Kiwanis Club. At the Care Fair, I noticed that our club had given away almost $45,000 in the last year to a variety of persons and groups -- the list took up a whole page. That was in one year!

Payson is filled with people, and groups, who spend countless hours doing for people what they cannot do for themselves. It constantly amazes me just how much love and caring exists in Payson. If Payson is typical of other communities, what a bright world this must be.

If Payson were a city, its subtitle should certainly be, "The Miracle City, so perhaps the "Miracle Town" or the "Miracle Community" is appropriate.

William D. Powers, Payson

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