Do The Math Before Bond Vote



Let's do some different math. Voting "Yes" on all items on the bond issue election -- about $9.4 million including underwriting costs, divided by Payson's population of 13,500 equals $ 686.67 worth of debt for each man, woman and child. That's for principal -- interest may add a few hundred. Do you want you and your family to go into debt like this? Your decision.

One proposal alone, the artificial turf for two baseball fields, will run over half a million dollars, including interest. That will be a cost to taxpayers of more than $2,100 per month over a period of 20 years. ( Note: The turf guarantee expires in 15 years.) These two fields will be of direct benefit to only 2-3-percent of Payson's population.

Dan Adams' letter of 19 Aug indicates that for the past six years, an average of $3.71 million/year was budgeted for streets. Much less was spent. Two years of non-diversion of budgeted funds would more than pay for the street costs in the bond issue. Most people would say it looks like a management problem, not a money problem.

By the way, if there's anyone out there that thinks that the proposed tax, if passed, will be eliminated at the end of the bond period, please have them contact me -- I have a great bridge for sale.

J.B. Shevlin, Payson

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