Life In Rim Country A Blessing



After visiting this beautiful area for the past seven years, we finally moved up here approximately two months ago.

Many of the letters you receive are negative, and I thought you, and everyone else, might enjoy a positive feature, and a small reminder of what a wonderful place this community is.

Every morning I wake up and thank God I hear birds singing instead of car stereos and gun shots, as I did when we lived in the Valley.

I have had to "re-program" my children because everyone says "hello" or "good morning," and they were never allowed to talk to strangers.

My husband and I had to adjust to a school system that actually works for the children, instead of being on waiting lists of bureaucratic red tape.

And finally, one last example of what a great place this is. Yesterday I had to go to the Motor Vehicle Department to change my address on my license. In Phoenix, you had to take a day off work and pack a lunch to do anything related to MVD, and then pray when they call your number you get the person who took the least amount of grouch pills before coming to work! When I walked in the Payson MVD, I waited less than five minutes before being helped by a very nice woman. I left in shock!

Maybe Payson should consider changing their slogan from "Rim Country" to "Payson: Where even the MVD is a nice place to visit."

Sincerely, a very happy new resident.

Dawn Brown-Potter, Strawberry

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