Sales, Property Tax Rates Influence Voters


Tuesday is the last day for registered voters in Payson to cast their ballots on the General Plan and the three bond issues.

For those who are concerned about property and sales tax rates in Payson, here is how the community ranks with other towns in Arizona.

According to the Arizona Department of Commerce, Payson ranks at the 43.6th percentile of the 94 cities and towns surveyed. At $11.55 per $100 assessed value, Payson is below the 2002 average of $12.71.

The highest property tax is found in Hayden at $44.76 per $100 assessed value. The lowest was Morenci at $5.23.

The League of Arizona Cities and Towns studied sales tax rates for 87 Arizona municipalities in July of 2003.

Payson's current sales tax rate of 8.60 percent (including 2-percent that goes directly to the town) ranks modestly above the middle of other cities and towns in the state. The numerical average is 8.465 percent.

Since 10 of the 87 cities and towns have an 8.60 percent sales tax rate, Payson ranks between the 56th and 69th percentile.

If voters approve the public safety and/or parks and recreation bond issues, Payson's sales tax rate would increase by 0.12 percent. The rate would then go to 8.72 percent and Payson would rank 26 out of 87 -- at the 71st percentile.

The highest ranking town in sales tax was Winkleman at 10.10 percent, the lowest was Nogales at 7.35 percent.

Voters can take their ballots to town hall and save the town a cost of 97 cents or drop them in a mail box. No stamp is required.

The deadline for all ballots to be at town hall is 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9.

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