Staying Loyal To Local Businesses



I was appalled and saddened to see our local garbage company felt they had to take out a full page ad to justify their being in business. I, too, received a letter from a non-local competitor, and paused for thought -- then realized I would not change my service to a promise of a reduced rate (for how long?), and three months of free service.

I choose to stay with my local garbage company for one distinct reason: dependability!

This company is always on time with my pick up - 364 days a year. (Everyone deserves Christmas off to be with family!) My trash does not stay by the roadside for a "whenever" pick up. If I have extra bags, they are picked up with no problem and no extra charge. You can't beat that kind of service. Customer service is excellent, and so are their rates. We have seen a lot of local businesses go out of business due to the "bigger" guys. I hope all of their current customers agree with me, our local companies are worth every penny. Stay loyal to local business!

Susan Kovacic, Payson

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