Support Local Companies



Beware of non-local trash companies. We have relatives and friends in other states who fell into so-called incentives promoted by these companies. When the incentives were over, these people were totally skunked until their contract was up. These people ended up paying more than when they had their local service.

As for us in this area, our local companies have always treated all of us with care and courtesy. If the trash barrel tips over after emptied, the driver gets out and picks it up. Same for spilled trash -- unlike the practices of non-locals. We watch how these drivers handle our neighbors' trash barrels. If the barrel falls over -- oh well. If trash is spilled -- oh well.

We have been with our local company a long time, and they don't raise prices unless they really have to. If we had extra trash bags beside the barrel, they would get out of the truck and get it. If a holiday was on our pick up day, they would still pick it up. We have seen the non-local company pick up our neighbors' trash whenever.

Lastly, we were always under the impression that business "monopoly" was illegal.

Support our local company, and don't get skunked like our relatives and friends did.

Bill and Shirley Pozorski

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