Johnson Should Not See The Light Of Day



Regarding the Sept. 2 story, "Johnson Pleads Guilty to Murder."

Mitch Gingry was killed by a homicidal maniac, Charles Johnson. He was stabbed, as noted in the article, 32 times. It has been reported that the first three were each fatal.

I find it hard to believe that a blood spattered room, car and body could not assist in a conviction, rather than a plea bargain.

I am further incensed by Attorney Flores' comment that "...he (Charles Johnson - when released at 77) will no longer be a danger to society..." I wish I would be around to see her proved wrong, as habitual killers, and leopards, do not change their spots.

Mitch did not deserve to die this way -- nor should any other human. It is my belief that Mr. Johnson should not see the light of day again.

John Stanton, via e-mail

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