Pine Residents Need To Speak Up



Thank You for printing my letter regarding Brooke Utilities and the Public Hearing scheduled for December.

As a result of your forum, I have received many letters and phone calls asking for more information and expressing an interest in contacting the ACC to formally request that a hearing be held in Pine and I would like to get the following information out to the public as soon as possible so all interested persons can participate.

The ACC can be reached through Joan Ruf who is an information officer for the commissioners' office. Send an e-mail to: and make your feelings known regarding a public hearing to be held in Pine.

I am told that if as few as 10 people make a formal request it must be granted and we will get our chance to speak at that hearing if we have filed the required Motion to Intervene.

Every customer of Brooke Utilities was sent a memo regarding the pending rate hike (the purpose of the hearing) and all that is required is a simple letter, along with 13 copies, sent to the Commissioners at the address on the memo. Be aware that without this motion filed, you will not be granted time to speak, so get your letter in now and let's not be shy about telling it like it is when the time comes.

I have spoken with Joan Ruf and I believe that she is a fine person to work with, and that she will be very helpful in our situation if we follow the procedures properly.

Also, I would like to get people thinking about a possible alternative to being a captive of Brooke Utilities. What I suggest is to form a committee to research the process to incorporate a Public Utilities District in Pine/Strawberry so that "We the People" can own and control our water resources, and the distribution of same, and thereby eliminate any need to rely on Brooke Utilities for our water service. This can be done, if, we work together and make it happen. I for one would like nothing better than to be a part of making this happen and I am open to hearing from others with the same goal in mind.

I am looking forward to the public hearing and the rousing comments, which I am sure, will be expressed by the residents of Pine.

Jim Estess, Pine

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