We Were Victims, Not Petty Complainers



Recently friends and I were riding our ATVs on the Houston Loop trails. We were enjoying the trails when we ran into a man on horseback, blocking the trail. He refused to let us by, stating that it was for horses only. Which, in fact, is not true.

Being two women and a teenager, you could guess how fearful we were. This has not been our first encounter with such action, my husband was in the same situation not long ago.

How unsettling this is to those who have encountered the same. And, how frightening for those of you who just might. Luckily, we both had cell phones. I called 911. My friend called our husbands from her phone. As I was telling the sheriff's department what was taking place and where; one would think that they would find a way to get someone out on the trail to help us. Much to our dismay, this did not happen. The man realizing that the sheriff's department was being called finally let us through. Once we were off the trail, lo and behold, here comes the sheriff's department.

Now, what are they going to be able to do about this since they are not going to walk onto the trails to find this man, and who knew where he would be at this point any way?

Nothing will be done about our experience, because they were not able to find him. When we told the officer about the experience, it felt like they thought we were being petty for calling for help since this man did not actually take his gun out and point it at us. We were okay and there would be no search made.

I don't know if this man is a local resident, but if so, I pray the next time you scare women and kids you will first find out if the trails are indeed are for horses only. If you are from out of town, then I pray you will check out which trails are for horses only.

And, for all of you who ride these trails on your ATVs or motorbikes, make sure you are not alone, and that you have a cell phone with you, or something to protect yourself with so no harm will come to you. As for me and my friend, we have learned a very valuable lesson, but this will not stop us from riding these trails. We will just make sure we have our phones with us, and our weapons in tack.

Corinne (Cookie) Leslie, Payson

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