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Q: With Tuesday being the deadline to vote on the bond initiatives, I went back and reread the series you published on the three ballot questions. I found the Aug. 15 article in which members of the council expressed their opinions on the ballot issues, but I didn't see a clear response from councilor Dick Reese.

A: Councilor Reese did submit a written statement, the last sentence of which was inadvertently cut off in the editing process and made his position unclear. Here is the entire statement that indicates his intentions:

"The council generally agreed with the committee of citizens who decided unanimously that each and all of the items to be contained in the bond issue represent timely, appropriate and economical investments in our community. I will continue to evaluate each of the measures, and am now expecting to vote in favor of the General Plan and the respective issues" -- Dick Reese

Voters are reminded that they can submit their mail-in ballots at town hall up until 7 p.m. tonight.

Q: The intersection in front of the new Walgreens is one of the most dangerous in town, is the town going to be looking at a lot of liability if there is an accident there?

A: LaRon Garrett, engineer for the town, said the intersection was designed and is owned by the Arizona Department of Transportation, the only part owned by the town is the right turn lane from southbound Highway 87 onto Longhorn Road. He said he could not answer any liability questions.

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