Woman Resists Arrest, Assaults Officer


Kimberly Ziemer, 33, of Oxbow Estates was arrested Monday for assaulting a Gila County Sheriff's deputy and resisting arrest.

"We got a call Monday that was a 911 hangup and there was a woman screaming and yelling in the background," GCSO Det. George Ratliff said.

Sgt. Craig Smith responded to the call which came from a residence in Oxbow Estates.

"When the officer got out there, (Ziemer) was ranting and raving and screaming and we didn't know why," Ratliff said. "Every time her boyfriend tried to call the police, she'd yank the phone out of his hand."

Ratliff said they still don't know what triggered the incident, but when Smith arrived, Ziemer locked herself in the bathroom.

"She was apparently going to try to accuse the officer of rape," Ratliff said. "And her boyfriend was standing right there."

Smith eventually got Ziemer out of the bathroom.

"When he finally got her out, he had to handcuff her and she kicked him in the shins," Ratliff said.

Ratliff described Ziemer as a large woman, weighing about 250 pounds.

"(Smith) got her in cuffs and had her laying on the bed and was behind her until help got there." Ratliff said.

"The Payson Police had to transport her to the jail because they have a cage in their unit and our unit didn't," Ratliff said.

Ziemer was released on her own recognizance the following day.

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