Public Safety Bond Approved; Others Fail


Only one of the three bond initiatives in Tuesdays municipal election passed, and by a narrow margin.

About 38 percent of registered voters participated in the election, which is above average according to past statistics.


Ballots were loaded into a machine to be counted Tuesday night, as interested spectators waited in council chambers. Final results of the municipal election were announced after 9 p.m.

The Public Safety Bond initiative that would fund an overhaul of police and fire communications, remodel the Main Street Fire station and construct an additional fire station at Tyler Parkway and Highway 260, was the one bond question that passed by 42 votes.

The street project bond issue went down in defeat by exactly the same margin, 42 votes.

The Parks and Recreation bond initiative looked doomed early on and by the final results, lost by 554 votes of the 3,482 counted.

Although the Payson's General Plan was approved by 496 votes, those watching the results come in at town hall expressed surprise at how many voted against the plan.

"We lost," Bruce Whiting said. "My worry is that people voted without all the facts."

Whiting, who served as chairman of the Capital Improvements Project Committee that selected the projects would become bond initiations, appeared to take little solace in the fact that one initiative passed.

Whiting and some of the 14 other committee members anxiously awaited the results to be announced in the council chambers.

Town councilors Dick Wolfe, Robert Henley and Judy Buettner were also present in council chambers and took turns talking to Dan Haapala, who was doing a Channel 4, KMOG simulcast with Don Holcombe, host of KMOG's Rim Country Forum.

Final results were projected to be announced shortly after 7 p.m., but a few minor complications delayed the results by two hours, forcing Haapala to fill over two hours of air time.

"Are you bored yet?" Haapala asked the audience.

At nearly 9:30 p.m., the last of the ballots had been verified in Globe and were loaded into the machine to be counted. The last of the ballots did not change any results from the earlier count.

These are preliminary results until the town council formally accepts the results Sept. 17.

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