Residents Celebrate End Of Summer



Tuesday was the 24th Annual Flatlanders Party here in Christopher Creek, although it rained and stormed all day and many should have stayed inside.

What do you think the residents of Christopher Creek did? They headed for the woods as they do every year at this time loaded up with coolers, chairs and their favorite potluck to share with friends and neighbors.


Residents of Christopher Creek celebrated the end of summer last week at their annual Flatlanders Party -- private event that celebrates the end of tourist season, and the return of peace and quiet in the forest.

The Flatlander Party began 24 years ago. After Labor Day all the business owners were worn out, as were the locals who worked at the businesses. Residents who would like to walk in the summer but hated waiting for some 50 cars or more to go by before they could cross Highway 260 also were ready for a reprieve.

Twenty-four years ago, Woody, who owned Woody's Mexican Restaurant in Christopher Creek, started the party. And back then it was held at the Old Sharp Creek.

Woody set this party up for many years. As the story goes, Woody would set up a tub of his favorite margaritas and tell stories all night long if you were willing to listen.

This year's party was pretty much run by Robert McWorthy who works very hard digging the fire pit as he has for several years now. He keeps it going and cooks the delicious corn.

Anthony Acuna puts up the tables, tarps and lights and is also master hot dog cooker. Trisha Latus, Toria Blank and Bob Washburn headed to Young farms in Dewey for the corn, which has been a tradition for many years.

Tuesday night's party was not as big as usual and it was probably because of all the rain. But, like Eric Olson said: "It wouldn't be a flatlanders party if it didn't rain."

Rod Britain made a toast to Carl Palmquest who loved coming to these parties but died several years ago. Recently the Creek lost Carl's wife, Betty, who also was one of the first ones at the party. We all took a moment of silence for Betty and continued on with the party as she would have wanted.

Lucky 13's missing collar

Last week, Lucky 13 the six-point bull elk that hangs out in Hunter Creek Ranch lost his collar. This collar is a global-positioning satellite receiver collar that sends out a satellite and Game and Fish have a pretty good idea were it is. It has stored information they need.

If you have it, please return to Game & Fish or call me at 928-478-4519 or e-mail me No questions asked.

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