Touchdown Sales Brings New Idea To Rim Building


It's a new concept in home building for Arizona. Only a little more than two years ago, Bob Evans brought a different kind of factory constructed home to the state from West Virginia. His business, Touchdown Sales, was started in Mesa.

These homes are financed and appraised just like site-built homes, but are actually constructed in a factory in Colorado.


This Touchdown Sales home on Miller Road was originally built and displayed at an event center in Los Angeles. A new Rim resident liked it so much, they bought it, had it dis-assembled, transported to Payson and is now having it re-assembled on their lot.

"We expanded Touchdown Sales into Payson this summer, seeing it as a gateway to the market of northern Arizona," local sales managers Gary Cordell said.

Cordell has been with Evans' business for about 16 months and is now in Payson full time, while Evans commutes between the Rim country and Mesa.

Touchdown Sales opened for business in Payson on the Beeline in July.

"We've been well received here," Cordell said. "Normally, it takes about six months before a business like this gets its first contract. We are signing our first contract this week."

They already have a home going up. A Massachusetts transplant bought the company's model home -- which had been erected inside an event center in Los Angeles -- had it dismantled, transported here and is having it reassembled on their Miller Road lot, Cordell said.

He said all the homes are built to meet the Uniform Building Code, just like site-built houses, but since they are constructed to be transported, they are built more soundly.

"They use about 28 percent more material to withstand travel," Cordell said, "We feel we have a very strong quality home to offer. The difference is the square footage costs are much less, and that's an advantage. And the time (to complete construction) is about a third of that of a site-built. Otherwise nothing is different. We have all the amenities and all the options. It just depends on what a person wants to buy."

Cordell said these kind of quality, factory built homes are common in the East and Midwest.

"We're pioneering it here with manufacturers and banks," he said. "Arizona is a market looking for alternatives to on-site construction due to costs. The northern Arizona market is our most viable, because it's where people don't have (a lot of) access to the labor and materials to build homes."

Touchdown Sales has about 25 floor plans for customers to choose from and it offers metal roofs.

"About 95 percent of the people request metal roofs," he said. "The fire danger has probably heightened the desire for them."

The company also does steel buildings of a more commercial nature and have several of those projects in various phases as well.

Once the business becomes more established, Cordell said they hope to bring in more personnel.

Cordell and his wife have two sons; one is a freshman at Arizona State University and the other is a sophomore at the Payson Community Christian School. They are in the process of building their home in Payson.

Touchdown Sales is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Call (928) 474-2111 for more information.

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