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Q: Doesn't signing your mail-in ballot compromise anonymous voting?

A: Town Clerk Sylvia Smith said, "The ballots remain anonymous. This year we went a step further and put a bar code with the voter identification number on them. The bar code is read and the signature is verified. When the ballots come in, the envelopes are slit open and put in one stack, the stub people signed is detached and put in another pile and then the ballots are put in another pile. The board is working so fast, no one has the time to stop and see how anyone voted. The stub and ballot are not numbered, so there is no way to match them after they've been separated." She added mail-in ballots are more secure than voting at the polls. "At the polls, you give your name, sign in and get a ballot. Anyone can give anyone's name and sign the sheet."

Q: The intersection in front of the new Walgreens is one of the most dangerous in town, is the town going to be looking at a lot of liability if there is an accident there?

A: LaRon Garrett, engineer for the town, said the intersection was designed and is owned by the Arizona Department of Transportation, the only part owned by the town is the right turn lane from southbound Highway 87 onto Longhorn Road. He said he could not answer any liability questions.

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