Drug Abusers Need Different Prisons



Drug users need help. A very high percentage of inmates in prisons are in for drug use only. They aren't getting any help being incarcerated with murderers, thieves, etc.

Why not use all the military bases, that are now closed, for drug abusers only? Give them medical treatment and keep them in until they're clean of drugs.

Have dogs on duty 24/7 checking all inmates, guests and especially all the guards and personnel.

Of course, all the people (politicians included) making money on drugs will certainly not accept this suggestion.

It would cost money to get the bases in good, working condition, but it's costing us money every day with the drug users causing accidents, needing medical care, etc.

Do you want druggies running our country in the future? It will come to that if we don't do something now.

Marvin Joachim, Payson

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