Parents, Spend More Time With Children



Parents, if you truly love your kids, don't just buy them the latest Play Station, cable, or dish TV with all the channels, or give them an allowance with which they can buy drugs. Show them your love by spending quality time with them, and teaching them what your parents taught you.

Teach them to respect themselves, to like themselves, and who they are; and who they are not.

Teach them to love God, whoever God may be to you.

Teach them to love others.

Teach them to look for quality in others, as difficult as that may sometimes be. We all have positive attributes.

Teach them to find pleasant things to say.

Remind them that among the many gifts which we have received is the freedom to choose our friends.

Suggest that they notice differences among the people they come in contact with.

Remind them that they may take on the traits which they enjoy and respect most in others - that we should all learn from each other - that we should never stop learning - that we should all strive to become better persons.

As the Christophers used to say, "If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be."

William D. Powers, Payson

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