Rain Dance Made No Miracle



In a recent edition of the Payson Roundup, there was an article about a new bookstore in Pine and some of the people associated with it. While I am a lover of good books, and do quite a bit of reading myself, I could not help but see that the bookstore is tied to some of the "New Age" religions.

One of the interesting points in the article was that, it seemed, last spring there was a rain dance and festival given to ask the gods for their blessings. The article went on to say that rain came about a week later.

There is no miracle for someone to do a rain dance during the beginning of the monsoon season and get rain. That is nothing but playing the odds, and the working of the Natural Law of the weather patterns. A true miracle would be if, during a bright sunny day, with no clouds in the forecast, someone would pray and ask the Lord God of heaven for rain, and it would happen immediately. That would be a miracle, because it would violate all natural law.

Only the Lord God of Heaven could violate natural law like that, so as to bring about a true miracle. This type of miracle has happened on several occasions, the most famous being the prophet Elijah and the false prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, Israel. This incident is found in the Bible, II Kings 18.

Anything else apart from the one true God is false and deception.

Bill Miller, Payson

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