The Small Businessman Is There



Stand behind the small businessman.

I am sure your other readers have seen the ads by Road Runner in your paper lately. I have read some of the other letters you have gotten about them.

I only have to say I have been with outside haulers in California, and all they managed to do was take every holiday off and pick up my trash sometime after. That is not good service to me.

I think it so unfair for them to send Road Runner customers letters, trying to steal their customers. They offered us three months free service, and a reduced rate, but their present customers don't know anything about three months free service.

We have been with Road Runner for two years, and they are here every Monday, no matter what holiday it might be. It is about time somebody stands up for the small businessman.

Big is not better! We should all show Road Runner what we think of them working so hard for us, and call or drop them a line just to say, "We appreciate your hard work, and thanks."

You people with services based elsewhere, if you want good service, and service when you expect it, call Road Runner. It is time we stand behind the small businessman, and not the big impersonal companies.

D. J. Wells, Payson

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