Don't Trivialize Work Of Police, Others



Regarding the editorial about the trial of our mayor:

I was surprised to see the writer falling for a defense attorney's claim that any time a witness recants, the trial should just be cancelled and the defendant sent on his merry way.

Harlan Green is certainly entitled to his opinion, but his is a distinctly minority view.

Domestic Violence is a serious problem.or years, we relied on a system that required a victim to actively agree to prosecution.f the victim could be persuaded not to cooperate, thetate cheerfully dismissed were good reasons for the change in procedure -- too many dead victims of repeated abuse.

Domestic Violence is a uniquely difficult crime to prosecute.It is the only crime in which you usually find the victim and witnesses living in the same house with the defendant and subject to the influence of threats, promises, and wishful thinking.

Studies have shown that Domestic Violence follows a predictable pattern.Tension builds up over a period of time andventually results in violence, threats or other attempts by the defendant to control the victim.fterward the defendant is contrite, and the victim is entreated to forgive and forget.

Soon the tension begins to build again.he cycle repeats again and again, often resulting in increasingly serious abuse.
Almost all Domestic Violence murder victims have been victims of prior "minor" abuse by their killers.We cannotredict which victims will suffer serious injury or death.All acts of abuse must be considered dangerous.

As a former prosecutor for Phoenix, I often saw victims recant several times before they finally cooperated.We continued to put on the trials, even when we knew that, this time, there was a very small chance of conviction.y proceeding, we emphasized to the victim, and the community, that this was serious. It was rewarding to see victims eventually decide that they didn't deserve abuse.

Prosecuting Domestic Violence cases is often the most frustrating and thankless job a prosecutor, and the police, can do.It is also one of the most important because it has the most potential for preventing future violence and for keeping families together and healthy.Please don't trivialize the heroic efforts by the police and prosecutors just because the victim wasn't ready to accept help this of us can predict the future.

Carol Stubbs, Payson

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