What's Up?


Q: Are there any birds in the area that eat Russian sunflower seeds?

A: Russian sunflowers are the giants, heads can be up to 12 inches across and stalks can be from six to eight feet tall. As for birds that will eat the seeds, according to Carol Lease of the Payson Birders, just about any bird that eats sunflower seeds "Isn't going to be choosy." Some of the birds that will eat the seeds are Juniper titmice, Western scrub jay, grossbeaks, quail and house finches.

Q: Is it safe to burn bark beetle infested wood or by burning it will it infest more healthy trees?

A: Jim Mercer in the Payson Ranger District's timber office said there is not a problem burning wood that has had bark beetles in it, stacking it up is another matter. "If you're going to have it stacked, check under the bark. If you find beetles or live larva it would not be a good idea to have it near other pine trees." He said it is relatively easy to pull back the bark on wood cut for residential use.

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