Cheating Veterans From Their Retirement Pay



Regarding Veterans Retired Pay Restoration Act of 2003:

By cost cutting, the federal government cheats combat veterans out of their retirement pay, whatever they pay the veterans for wounds received in action, or disabilities while serving in the military. They rob Peter to pay Paul by deducting disability pay from retirement pay.

They "The Government" demand loyalty, hard work and sacrifice, while the big guys never fail to get pay hikes just about every year. The Department of Veterans Affairs betrays the trust of all veterans.

At the VFW convention in San Antonio, the vets were pumping Sec. Rumsfeld with many questions. Then, from the crowd, someone yelled, "Did Sec. Rumsfeld ever read Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People?"

From back stage: "I think he read it backwards!"

The government demands those who wear the uniform to honor their commitments to the service, and the veterans expect the government they serve to meet its duty to them just as honorably.

The concurrent Receipt bill, Disabled Veterans with 20 years or more of military service and at least 10 percent disability pay, are eligible for military retirement pay. To get the forms, go to or https://www. your service Army, Navy and Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard.

Lawrence D. Okendo, US Army Retired

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