Event Center Subject Of Executive Session


The scheduled executive session following this Thursday's meeting of the Payson Town Council may have more impact on residents than the regular meeting agenda.

Although Town Manager Fred Carpenter is restricted from discussing the issues, three items to be discussed in executive session all pertain to the 36 acres owned by the town that make up the Payson Event Center.

The town has, in the past, looked for potential buyers, Carpenter said.

"They tried a couple years ago to try to get people to come in and take it over and do some things with it and nobody did anything," he said.

The bond issue that would have funded the addition of a roof structure over the event center, was defeated this month.

"We need to do something with it -- that's obvious," Carpenter said. "We've been thinking about doing some stuff with it, but I can't tell you much beyond that,"

The council is not expected to take any action after the session.

"I don't think there'll be any public vote on anything," Carpenter said.

Public hearings

Items for discussion in the regular meeting include:

  • An application for a zoning change for a new subdivision. The 4.89-acre site between Green Valley Parkway and South Lakeview Drive is intended to be used for a 20-lot subdivision, tentatively named Paradise Heights Phase 2.
  • A public hearing concerning a revision of the Unified Development Code to ensure that the zoning code is appropriate to regulate the placement of telecommunications towers.
  • An application filed by the Community Development Department to amend the UDC, specifically the Development Standards for the Green Valley Redevelopment Area.

"That will loosen some parking requirements and some open space requirements to make it a little easier for people to do things down there," Carpenter said. "It will encourage development."

Consent agenda

Items listed on the consent agenda are deemed to be routine in nature, and are enacted with one motion, unless a councilor or member of the audience requests an item be removed for discussion.

  • Authorization of an agreement with the Forest Service for rental of temporary emergency facilities at the airport.
  • Execution of an airport development grant with the Department of Transportation.
  • A resolution to authorize Fire Chief Marty deMasi to execute a state forestry cooperative intergovernmental agreement.
  • Acceptance of a grant offer from the Federal Aviation Administration for the purpose of pavement maintenance of the airport.
  • Acceptance of title to property located on East Main Street for the purpose of road improvements.
  • Approval of a final plat of Siena Creek subdivision.
  • Approval of the construction of the Paradise Heights subdivision, subject to the developer's warranty of improvements.
  • Award a $33,475 contract to Sports Lighting System for the purpose of lighting the basketball and volleyball court facility at Rumsey Park.

"The lighting of the courts will be paid for by impact fees," Carpenter said. "New residents pay for new facilities -- that's the plan."

  • Award a $331,000 contract to Close Construction for the construction of airport hangars.

This project, ultimately, is designed to be paid for by the money collected from those who rent the hangars.

"This was approved by council last fall," Carpenter said. "The idea was that the debt service on building those hangars would be paid for by the rental fees."

  • A request filed by Town Engineer LaRon Garrett to approve the construction of East Main Street from Highway 87 to Ponderosa Street subject to the developer's warranty of improvements.

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