Our Combined Efforts Can Improve Lives


Most of us are far removed from the days of putting up a harvest from the backyard garden. Still, autumn has arrived, winter is on the horizon and the instinct for stocking up is kicking in.

Put that instinct to its best use and help those less fortunate start stocking up too. Don't wait until the holiday season is looming and requests for your extra dollars become a constant chorus.

There are boxes at the doors of stores for contributions of groceries, paper products and more. With the sales that are taking place, it makes getting the extra to give that much easier.

Money is still tight with the economic recovery moving at a snail's pace. But if you have to buy one of something, and can get two or more for the same price, what better way to help others?

But food and paper products are not the only needs.

Nights are getting cooler; soon the days will have a chill as well. Why not check out the price of a blanket or jacket to give away?

And if shopping for extras is too much trouble, how about picking up the telephone and giving away one or two free hours each week?

Just about every organization in the Rim country can make use of extra bodies. The chamber and humane society can always use volunteers, so can the literacy program. The residents at long-term care facilities would probably love to have another visitor and extra hands can lighten the load of teachers in our schools. Pick a cause you care about or follow your interests, make a call and make an offer.

What if you just want to have fun?

The opportunities to contribute to your community and have a good time are plentiful. Almost every week there is a dance, a dinner or a special event where your presence, with the price of admission, will help those who are less fortunate.

You are combining your efforts with other caring residents and improving the lives of your neighbors.

There is always a need for help of one kind or another. It can take many forms and can come from anyone, no matter their age, abilities or financial circumstances.

Step up and be part of a community that cares.

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