What's Up?


Q: What's happening with the Doorstop?

A: Jim Hill, owner of The Doorstop, a cabinet door manufacturer, said work is proceeding. Two of his employees are already living in Payson and he will be moving up on Oct. 3. The electrical work is about 85 percent complete and is expected to be finished in two weeks. The special dust collection system is almost in place, with more concrete being poured for it this week.

"We hope to move the first part of the operation there the first two weeks of next month. We plan to move up in phases so the training doesn't kill us, so for the time being we will be operating two plants," Hill said.

Q: There are several water projects in the new General Plan. How will these be paid for?

A: Buzz Walker, director of the town's public works department, said future water source projects would be expensive and would probably require that revenue bonds be issued to pay for them. However, voters must approve these kinds of bonds.

Q: What's up with the town looking at spending an estimated $9 million to develop and build a combination senior center, youth center and indoor swimming pool on the existing ball field at Rumsey Park across from the library?

A: "I think what they're talking about is the feasibility study on the recreation center that has just been completed, Town Manager Fred Carpenter said. "But we haven't really done anything with it. It may be kicked around on the corporate strategic plan. They're jumping the gun."

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