Residents Should Make Use Of Resources



We would like to publicly thank some individuals and organizations that have helped make our area a safer and better place to live. First, Fire Chief Kent Courtney of the Christopher Kohls Fire Department. He has spent many hours organizing public forums to educate and inform the residents on the bark beetle issue and how to firewise our homes and properties. He also took time (his day off we might add) to personally inspect the Kohls Ranch subdivision to pinpoint fire dangers and recommend corrective action. His efforts prompted residents to make an extra effort on the cleanup of our properties.

We would also like to thank the Regional Payson Area Project (RPAP) for their assistance in providing Firewise literature to all our homeowners, speaking at our annual HOA meeting, participating in the area public meetings, providing a compactor truck for clean up of forest products and maintaining the volunteer brush pits in the area. Their work has been, and continues to be, instrumental in allowing our subdivision to stay on top of the brush cleanup necessary to keep our homes safer.

Lastly, we would like to thank Chris Jones of the University of Arizona Extension office for his extensive work on keeping us informed about the bark beetle. His knowledge was shared with enthusiasm and the urgency necessary to communicate the actions we needed to take.

We encourage all residents to make use of the resources available. We really appreciate all they have done for our area.

David and Margaret Midlick, Kohls Ranch

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