Snyder Family Moves On, But Not Far



A new beginning is happening this week for the Snyder family. We have now officially moved into a new house in Tonto Village after many delays and one problem after another with renovation. I am convinced that having a home built from scratch is much easier than renovating an older home. But we persevered through all the unexpected extra little jobs that needed to be done. I am happy with our new place even though there is still more work to be done. Do the renovations ever come to a halt? Probably not. My husband Bill has a list a mile long of projects he wants to upgrade. My phone number has also changed. If you need to reach me with news for this column, call 478-4575.

Clint and Grace Daniels recently returned from a two-week getaway to Decatur, Ill. for Clint's 55th high school reunion. He's says the reunions get smaller and smaller every year, but he enjoyed seeing his former classmates.

On the way back, they stopped in Gainesville Mo. to see a couple of former Tonto Village residents, Bob and Elvera Jones; then it was on to Branson to see a few shows; and on to Haskill, Texas to visit Ada Pope. Ada lived at Meads Ranch several years ago. The older residents would remember her. Clint and Grace said that the weather was beautiful, they did not need to use the air-conditioning in their vehicle and that gas prices across the states ranged from $1.40 to $1.60 a gallon.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Linda Digman, formerly of Tonto Village, now of Christopher Creek, was admitted to Payson Regional Medical Center this past week. We all wish her a speedy get-well, and as far as I know, she can receive visitors. If you are in town, stop by and give her some moral support.

Dara Sutton from Bear Flat will be celebrating her birthday on Sept. 28. Dara comes to Tonto Village every Wednesday to play dominoes with the Tonto Village Domino gang. Dara also started a group of domino players in Bear Flat.

Mike O'Bryan will reach a milestone in his life when he celebrates his birthday on Saturday, Sept. 27. He will be 16. Mike is the grandson of Danny and Ethel Cain and he is in the ninth grade at Shelby School. Have a great day, Mike.

Tonto Village Fire District

The fire board approved the purchase of a chipper/shredder for the district. The machine will be available to all residents of the fire district for any of the trees that need to be cut down, either because of bark beetle damage or for building. The machine will be operated by the volunteer firemen only, so an appointment will have to be made through the fire station or by the chief. The cost of gasoline and oil will be on a donation basis, which will be for maintenance. If you would like to use this machine, call the fire station at 478-4875 or 478-0404. When you call the fire station, a new voice will greet you. Her name is Brenda Kirkpatrick. Brenda and her husband live at the Long Ranch on the 29 Road. We wish Brenda good luck with her new position as secretary for the fire district.

Pool shots

On Sunday afternoon, the play began at 3 p. m. at the Double D Restaurant. The winners were Tony Urrea, Doug Paul and Betty Koutz. Tuesday evening the Tonto Village Pool Ladies played at 7 p.m. When the chalk dust settled, the winners were Nancy Olson, Phyllis Mullen and, again, Betty Koutz. Congratulations to everyone.

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