What's Up?


Q: Compared to safe yield, what did the town produce this summer and how much of it did the top 10 users use?

A: Buzz Walker, director of the water and public works department, said that question mixes apples and oranges. Safe yield is based on precipitation between May and April, a measurement not taken until the annual water report is prepared in April. So this summer's production will not be known until next spring. By then the top users, and the amount of water they have used, will have changed.

Q: Most towns have leaks in their water delivery system. What kind of leaks does Payson's system have and what is being done to mitigate them?

A: Buzz Walker responded to this question as well: "The best systems will lose 10 percent of their water looking at long-term averages. We don't do an assessment here because the way the environment is, if there is a leak, we will see new life quickly -- an unusual amount of green grass or a tree growing -- or we will get a spring show up on the side of a hill. We have a pretty tight system with mostly new pipe."

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