Courtney Proud To Be Controversial



Controversy -- the Roundup front page article dated Sept. 26 said I was "controversial."

I could not be prouder! To be honored this way for standing up against iniquity is a great compliment. To stand with people like Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, or Martin Luther King is an honor.

It is a sad day when those who stand up to be counted are "controversial" and those who violate the Constitution of the United States of America are normal. The controversy ought to be fire boards who retaliate against people by firing them for exercising their political initiative.

No, I didn't start, or initially support, the recall of the Christopher-Kohl's board. But now I do. I have no choice. I must defend myself and the constitutional rights of my firefighters as well as those of our citizens.

A lot of great people died to secure those rights and there is no law against anyone, including me, starting a recall.

All the board needed to do is defend the allegations against them and this would be over. Instead they have demonstrated their guilt by their subsequent actions.

I am very proud of those who stood up against corruption in government. Just like the men who signed the Declaration of Independence and suffered the consequences, these folks are my heroes.

The controversy should be those who refuse to take sides, start recalls, sign petitions, or stand up against the very things that our forefathers gave their all to defend.

The board will end my contract in 60 days illegally and without due process in retaliation for something I didn't do, violating the very Constitution they swore in an oath to defend.

They have trodden the Constitution of the United States of America underfoot -- that is controversial!

I will be back. The board will be removed from office. The real losers, the taxpayers, will pay the price for the board's illegal, unethical and immoral activities.

The Mayer Fire District just lost in court and was charged with a $1.2 million award for illegal termination and slander of its previous chief.

People are tired of corruption and ignorance in government, endangering public safety, destroying lives and careers, and costing millions of dollars which would be better used to save lives and property.

Kent Courtney, (still) chief, Christopher - Kohl's Fire District

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