See What Commercials Are Really Selling



Have you watched the commercial about the man stranded on an island? He is dressed in shabby clothes and wears a shaggy beard. Suddenly a bottle of Budweiser beer floats up to the island, and he joyfully grabs it out of the water. He takes the cap off, tips it up to his mouth for a big swig of ‘good old Bud'. Only, instead of being full of beer, it has a note in it.

Next scene, he is at someone's front door step, the owner comes to the door and the shaggy man gives him a king size wallop.

Now, this is where I am confused. Did I see a commercial about a ‘wonderful beer' or did I see anger and violence?

Question -- Is it any wonder people of today react with violence, road rage, selfishness and anger, as though that is the only way to solve things.

I also watched a commercial about a small child reaching up to pull a large bowl filled with "something" down off of the cabinets and it spills all over her. This is supposed to be cute and sell a product? An innocent child does not care about the product. The child watching only sees and cannot intelligently separate a "product" and a destructive behavior.

It is my opinion that the commercials of today are actually teaching violence and bad behavior.

Couch Potatoes, wake up, watch and see what the commercials are really selling you. Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts that go beyond the obvious.

Amy Vickers, Payson

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