Illegal Immigrants Get Too Much



You are supporting their existence!

You may not be able to get free health care, but non-citizen, non-taxpaying illegals get it, plus housing and food assistance, plus welfare, plus schooling, plus police and fire assistance. You are supporting their existence.

Hispanic News, Aug. 1, 2003 -- As part of the American Hispanic Coalition 2004 Election Strategy,, included as part of its platform, the need to have federal legislation approved mandating all benefits received by residents of each state be available to all persons living within each state. The legislation would prohibit state and local officials to verify immigration status for anyone who applies for "public benefits".

The Arizona Republic, March 7, 2004 -- Kids Crossing Border for School Scrutinized.

Lukeville - Just before dawn, a steady line of cars passes through this remote outpost on the U.S.-Mexico border, pausing at a bus stop to drop off children bundled in heavy coats to protest against the chilling rain. It is 6:20 a.m. in Lukeville, a tiny town on the north side of the border. In a community this small, there are no secrets. Nearly everyone knows kids are coming across from Sonoyta. Mexico, to go to school in the U.S. Lukeville's official population is 65, but according to Ajo Unified School District records, 97 students board the bus here.

AHCCCS. Sept. 2003 --Application for free Arizona health care - AHCCCS

Page B: Citizenship: We may verify immigration documents with the BCIS (formerly INS), but we will not report information to the BCIS.

Receiving AHCCCS will not affect anyone's immigrant status.

Page D: Providing Social Security Numbers: Anyone who asks for AHCCCS must tell us his or her number or apply for one. If you don't have one, we can help you apply for one.

All we ask is that our laws be enforced. Come join us before it is too late. Some people are starting to call California Mexifornia. We will soon hear people calling Arizona Mexizona.

If the illegal immigration isn't addressed now, within five to 10 short years the southwest, if not more, will be part of Mexico.

President G. W. Bush will have a legacy that reads: The president that gave the U.S.A. to Mexico.

Contact: Protect Arizona Now for more information/petition at: 623-225-7122 protectaz@yahoo. com, fax: 623-225-7123.

Norma Foxen, Payson

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