Let's Turn Negative Into Positive



As a parent and Payson resident, I would like to see (letters) that have been written to the newspaper regarding our schools written with factual information, written without gossip and rumors -- written to support our children.

It seems we have all lost sight of our goal.

The children in our community need our positive support.

All of these (letters) and turmoil whether right or wrong, presents a negative perspective. Negative only begets negative. Children should not be asked to take sides, nor should they be placed in the middle of an adult action.

Who is really being hurt with these types of (letters) and all the time and energy put into this negative display? Is it the parents or the community? Is it the superintendent, or the principals? Teachers or school staff? The school board or its members? No, it's our children. Have we all forgotten why we are all involved in the first place?

The children. Don't forget them.

Carol Marchak, Payson

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