Too Many Questions Left Unanswered



The town meeting last Saturday to discuss the Pine/Strawberry water issue sponsored by CAWS was well orchestrated. A carefully controlled agenda was maintained, and no point of view other than that of the sponsor was allowed to be expressed. Many questions were asked, but not always answered accurately.

The stated goal of the CAWS committee is to defeat the petition authorizing PSWID to buy out the water system in both Pine and Strawberry, and to elect a new board for PSWID that would support their objective "to find more water," even though PSWID could not deliver a single drop to the community because PSWID does not own the delivery system, however they are confident that a deal can be made with Brooke to buy any water we find.

Bear in mind that no deal has been discussed with Brooke Utilities, there are no guarantees that Brooke will buy our water, or at what price if they do. Therefore we are not guaranteed any reduction in our water bill by increasing the available water supply, at our expense, even if "the right people" are on the board of directors.

This group openly supports keeping Brooke Utilities as our water provider and the arrangement whereby the ACC sets the rate we will pay, because they "trust" the ACC to represent our best interests while simultaneously guaranteeing Brooke Utilities a profit on our water service.

Come on people, wake up. Ask yourself what is best for you, keeping what we have and paying the price determined by the ACC, or, for us to own the delivery system and pay the price we determine? Not to mention all the improvements that would be made to the water system which would include adequate storage that would result in better fire protection and lower insurance rates along with increased property values.

I will say to the CAWS committee that the appearance at the ACC hearings by about 30 of your members to express support for a rate increase and your satisfaction with the miserable service currently provided by Brooke Utilities was not in the best interests of this community. Your comments registered a 10 on my Stupid Meter and I do not see how you can justify such comments unless you have something to gain, or to hide, and I wonder, which is it?

Jim and Cindi Estess, Pine

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