Chase, Former Councilman Share Goals



If I was in Payson I would be voting for Jim Chase as our next mayor. However, I'm not there, but I can urge all of you to support Jim on his run for mayor.

Jim has been around town for many years and served on the council before, so he has the experience.

To name a few of his previous accomplishments as a councilman: the 911 emergency phone system, the lakes in Green Valley Park which you all enjoy, the guard rail on Airport Road and larger water lines to the Vistas for better fire protection.

Jim has been a successful business man and will use that ability to help Payson become more successful as an ideal place to live.

While talking with Jim today I was even more convinced that he is the right one for the job. When I asked him what he hoped to accomplish I could swear he was reading my thoughts. He said‚ "I would like to bring Payson back to what it was years ago." Not in size but in attitude.

I can tell you after moving to Bend, Ore., that even though Bend has over 50,000 people; they have more of a small town attitude than Payson.

Jim wants he and the council to consider each decision based on how it affects everyone in town, not just a special group.

Jim has the time, the vitality and the ability to make a real change in how the officials look at, treat and consider the citizens of Payson.

His goal, like mine, is to make Town Hall user friendly.

For your own benefit and the benefit of the town, I urge you to choose Jim Chase as your next mayor.

Hoby Herron, Former Payson councilman, Bend, Ore.

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