Crews' Efforts In Webber Fire Appreciated



I just have to say a great big thank-you to all the firefighters, pilots, ground crews and all those who did such a brilliant job of putting out the Webber Fire.

I can't tell you how very much we appreciate all the hard work and successful conclusion of their efforts in bringing this potentially deadly "monster" under control. My thoughts, prayers and thanks go out to all of youorour hard work.

My son, Phil (Bo) Watkins, worked as a Payson Hot Shot for a few years when he was just out of school, so I am well aware of the back-breaking, and sometimes thankless, hard work you put into fighting these fires.e are all too ready to take your efforts for granted.nd only someone close to those who do this job know how very dangerous this work is and how the family of those involved worry and pray for their safe return and a safe conclusion to each and every one of these dreadful fires.

We live in the beautiful little town of Pine and worry all summer long if and when the next one will hit and if it will be the big one.o, we breathe a sigh of relief every time one those comes close to our little town and is put out quickly and safely.

It is time we all used common sense and educate those who are not as familiar with the potential one might have for disaster.

I hope and pray that the forests will be closed to all those who are not necessary for the maintenance of our forests until we have had a lot more moisture than we have had so far this year. want everyone to be able to enjoy them as much as we do, but just remember that it is not only a nuisance and an inconvenience to be barred from them, but it could be a threat to our lives and our homes to be allowed to come in and not take proper and sensible precautions when visiting our forests.

So many times the visitors seem to forget how very deadly their inattention and carelessness mighte to our beautiful little town and all the others like Pine, including Payson and Strawberry.

Not too many people are aware that Pine and Strawberry are more at risk than many towns because of the chimney effect through Pine Creek Canyon, so if we were to have one start on the south end of town it would be disastrous.

We thank all the firefighters and pray for them and their families in the future on the many fires they will be called to do battle with this summer. God Bless you all!

Phil and Dolly Watkins, Pine

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