Economic Development Or Infrastructure?


It seems that the new Corporate Strategic Plan has been again structured to benefit economic development and cosmetic projects promoted by special interest groups, while the true needs of the people get lip service.

This indicates that street improvements, which should have a higher priority, are left to be funded by the tax-paying citizens. It is not at all fair to say there is no money for true needs, and then use manipulations and maneuvers to find ways to finance "want projects."

In one case, they even coined a new more enticing name for a much ballyhooed aquatic recreation center that a recent mayor wants as his personal legacy. It is now known as the "multi-generational center/aquatic facility." The promotion of this approximately $11-million project was, and is, being done by influential people who want it for medical therapy.

Our elected officials are supposed to find ways to provide for the basic public needs, first and foremost, and not allow any distractive rhetoric to influence improper decisions that are not in the best interest of the vast majority of citizens.

Time and tax money spent on economic development is of no use for present day needs, as it takes many years to recoup for public uses.

For many years our streets deteriorated to their present deplorable condition without any real attention. There was little or no effort put forth to obtain grants to help the situation. We were told there were none available for that purpose, but other towns have claimed that they were able to get road assistance funds. Now, finally, in the new C.S.P., there is mention of an attempt to get federal funding assistance in December 2005.

There is another bond issue for streets planned for March, 2005. If the town really wants to gain the confidence of the people and show its sincerity in addressing public needs, it should dedicate a large sum of seed money to this bond issue. If the people really want to establish a basic foundation for the town, they must step forward and prevent cosmetic building on such a feeble base. Make your voice heard.

The people must expend the necessary energy to help resurrect a small town government of, by, and for the people before all is lost.

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