Education Needs Better Advisers



The "My View" article in your paper from Max Foster -- "Fix funding problems in bill or forget it" -- is just to too much of the same to be left without comment.

He states that the "No Child Left Behind" should be either fixed or forgotten. He further implies that the main way to fix it is to lower the standards and put in more dollars.

In all too many areas the public education system is not working ... if working is putting out a product that can compete in the world.

Inner city schools are not just failing ... they are in a crisis state and this is main target of Colin Powell's push for this concept -- although better accountability can sure be used elsewhere.

Since the early 1970s we constantly heard the NEA mantra: "More dollars are the answer," but more dollars were supplied with limited results.

We have also heard the NEA's objections to charter schools, school vouchers and almost any suggestion for improvement short of more dollars into a system that is not delivering.

Maybe we need to ask the NEA to stop opposing improvement and to actually suggest some creative improvements ... or maybe we need to look for better advisers.

Bob Edwards, Payson

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