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Q: Because of the design of some street corners in the community, there are stop signs set 30 to 40 feet from the intersection -- what can be done about these?

A: Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett said if a resident has a problem with the placement of a stop sign, they can call him at town hall, (928) 474-5242, ext. 283, and someone will come and look at the situation. If there is a problem and the street personnel can take steps to correct it, they will, he said. As for getting a ticket, Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department recommended drivers stop at the stop sign, then precede with caution to the spot where oncoming traffic is visible, at that point the driver can proceed if it is safe, or stop again. Regarding fault in the event of a collision, Engler said the matter would be investigated and if possible, it would be determined if a stop was made and whether or not the driver proceeded with caution. "The ultimate decision would be the judge's," Engler said.

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