From The Fat Into The Fire



Is anyone else as tired of this whole back-and-forth water discussion as I am? I wonder daily: why can't all the residents of Pine and Strawberry band together, write letters constantly to the Arizona Corporation Commission, send e-mails at least once a week to ACC, and everyone make phone calls to ACC until they become aware we want them to do the job they are getting paid for?

It is the Arizona Corporation Commission's responsibility to keep Bob Hardcastle from harming each and every one of us. It is the ACC's job to keep our water rates at a reasonable level so we can pay our bills, and not be bowing and scraping to Hardcastle while taking home a salary we are paying for.

It is really scary to think that a group of people who know very little about operating a water company, including our county supervisor, are willing to lead us from the fat into the fire.

Ginger Jeffers, Pine

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