Open House This Saturday At The Door Stop


Jim Hill, owner of The Door Stop, is inviting the residents of the Rim country to visit the cabinet manufacturing business this weekend.

"We wanted the residents of Payson to have an opportunity to see what we do," Hill said.

The Door Stop currently has 62 employees. In March, the efforts of the Payson team, and that of its Chandler counterpart, resulted in the best sales the company has ever experienced, he said.

If plans to expand the operation move forward, the number of workers in the Payson plant will be doubled, he said.

"The noise issue with neighboring homeowners caught us a little off-guard," Hill said.

Numerous tests have been done and no problems have been found.

"We're concerned that the noise ordinance (the town is considering) may be difficult to meet," Hill said. "But if we can't meet it, neither can vacant lots, because when the sound is measured, it doesn't take into account where the noise is coming from."

To illustrate his point, Hill said when the plant was inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Agency in regard to the noise workers were subjected to, no problem was found inside. However the company must provide earplugs to employees going outside because of the noise generated by the aircraft taking off and landing at the airport.

"We hope that by having this open house, the residents of Payson will come out and see for themselves what our operation is and evaluate for themselves our impact on the community," Hill said. "We feel that when people are allowed to actually see our operation they will recognize that reports of our noise and dust have been overstated."

The open house is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 10. It will feature tours of the plant, giveaways, free pizzas, sub sandwiches and soda, plus a chance to visit with mayoral candidates Barbara Brewer and Jim Chase. The Door Stop is located at 910 N. Chenault Parkway, off Airport Road.

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