Do We Want More Of The Same?



This is a test for the voters of Payson, how good is your memory?

Prior to the town elections in 2002, KMOG Rim Country Forum hosted all the candidates running for the positions of mayor and town council seats. Without exception, citizens of Payson called every program to voice their opposition to spending money on "wish list items" -- more to the point, concern over repair/maintenance of Payson's streets.

On June 13, 2002, the first council meeting after the election, the topic of the recreation/community center was broached. It required a payment for a feasibility study of $32,400 ($2,000 had already been spent). It's obvious to me that some of the elected officials understood what differentiates a "wish list" from necessities.

Mayor Murphy, Councilman Siverson and Councilman Henley got it -- they voted against the motion. Vice Mayor Brewer, Councilors Reese, Buettner and Wolfe voted in favor. Ms. Brewer even stated, "It's in the budget." I have a new Mercedes in my budget, but if my mortgage payment comes first, so be it.

I have been told by a town employee that the portion of the study which has been completed is far from adequate, and there is more money to be spent to get the information required to proceed with the project. I listened with interest to Vice Mayor Brewer's comments on Rim Country Forum April 7, about how important the street situation is, but it's just lip service if your actions don't support your words.

Is this how we want our tax dollars spent? If you don't want more of the same lack of respect for the majority's opinions, vote for Jim Chase for Mayor.

Lynne Golliglee, Payson

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