Keep Swim Team In Mind



As a member of Swim Team for three to four years, I think that the town of Payson should consider the possibility of having a Community Center, which may include a covered pool.

When other swim teams come to compete, they have the advantage of having inside pools, so they train all year. We would like to do the same thing (having a year-round swim team), so that we can maybe catch up to how fast some of the other swimmers are.

There are many other swimmers that would like this, too. Some of them are: Aubrey Laird, Rachel Ward, Katie Ward, Joey Conlin, Chris Bilyk, Jamie Bilyk, and many others. Kids from ages 5-18 are on the swim team.

Please consider my idea. It would help a lot. When voting whether to have the Community Center or not, keep the swim team in mind.

Sara Dewitt, Payson

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