Off-Road Park Needed



I am 14 years old and am very concerned about an important issue dealing with dirt bikes and ATVs. I believe that the town of Payson, or Gila County, needs to adopt an OHVP, or Off Highway Vehicle Park. This will help reduce the amount of sport riders in the forest we wish to preserve. I'm very concerned with keeping our forest land preserved, but, at the same time, I love to ride my dirt bike. I wish to continue riding in this area.

There is a place near Bowie, Ariz. with 300 acres the Forest Service set aside just for the purpose of track riding for all off road vehicles. We were happy to pay the $2 fee for a designated place to ride. Why can't a similar facility be started here? I'm sure the Forest Service, county, Payson and the people can make it happen.

Trevor Day, RCMS eighth-grader

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