Preparing For A Kerry America



Let's redesign the flag of the United States for a John Kerry America.

First, we must remove the 50 stars from blazon blue background. Each star is intended to represent a state; however, in John Kerry's America, the importance and independence of the states are secondary to the power of the federal government. So, there is no need to recognize the sovereignty or significance of the 50 separate states.

Second, the pronounced white and red striped background must be altered for two reasons: 1) The stripes represent the original 13 colonies and the people whom through their blood, sweat and tears strove to create a land of freedom and prosperity. A Kerry America does not recognize the importance or lessons of history, so why should the flag. 2) The fact that some of the stripes are "white" may be construed as offensive by some among us, so political correctness dictates that the color must be removed. Instead we will leave a plain red background.

Third, Kerry plans to allow the United Nations to make policy and law in the United States. He plans to allow the United Nations to determine our foreign policy and how we use our military. To recognize this, we must add the baby blue logo of the United Nations into the middle of the blue background.

Finally, in order to recognize the so-called working class (socialist) platform of Kerry, we must add a gold hammer and sickle to the red background.

Sketch this flag out and stand back to take a look. What do you see?

This is John Kerry's America.

Bob O'Brien, Payson

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