Von Somogyi On The Mend


Amy von Somogyi is half-way home -- literally.

The 42-year-old Payson resident, who received a bone marrow transplant in February, just passed the 50-day mark, the half-way point in her 100-day stay at a hotel next to Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix. Von Somogyi is battling acute myelogenous leukemia.


Amy von Somogyi

"The bone marrow transplant was really, really bad," she said from her hotel room last week. "I was very, very sick. But I'm out of the hospital and they're calling me the poster child over there because I'm doing so well. They thought after I left the hospital I'd have to go in every day, but I've only had to go in twice this week."

Von Somogyi is taking immuno-suppressant drugs, and will have to live in a sterile environment for an extended period of time.

"Anytime I leave the hotel, I have to wear a mask, and everything has to be super-overcooked," she said.

Her husband, Zoltan, is creating the necessary environment in their Payson home.

"We have to revamp our little house and get it sterile before I come home," she said. "My husband works all day and then comes home every night and paints and cleans and packs away knickknacks, because I can't have any dust collectors."

Friends are holding a yard and bake sale to raise money to help with her expenses from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 17 at 1003 S. Carson City Circle.

Call Bev Still-Savage at (928) 474-4994 or Becky Hodge at (928) 468-1861 to donate items. Cash donations also are still needed. Contributions can be to Stockmen's Bank account (No. 2703006045).

Von Somogyi needs someone to adopt her two-year-old part Siamese cat. Once home, she will not be able to have a cat in her house.

Von Somogyi's current address is Homewood Suites, Room 132, 2001 E. Highland Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Her e-mail address is amynz@cybertrails.com.

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