We Are All "Tired"



In rebuttal to Ginger Jeffers, we wish to respond as follows:

The tone of your letter indicates that you assume that we are all country bumpkins up here, with no expertise or experience which would qualify us to operate a water system.

Your assumption is erroneous.

Some of us have a great deal of experience in business administration and others with experience in public works positions. If the community chooses to own the water system, all of our experience could be utilized to operate our water system for the benefit of our community.

Why you choose to include into our group the county administrator who is currently assigned to operate the PSWID escapes me and you carry your assumption even further astray, because in fact, neither he, nor any other representative of Gila County is involved in the movement to buy out Brooke Utilities holdings up here.

If we are successful in taking over our water system, then you, and possibly a few others, will be amazed at how many competent people live up here that can, and will, operate our water system and do a much better job of it than is now being done.

We will start with a board of directors who have the best interests of the community at heart, and hopefully, this community as a whole will be bright enough not to elect any members of the CAWS committee to the board of directors so that the best interests of the community can be realized.
So please, before you decide to comment on what qualifies any of us country folk to operate a water company, check with our group and ask what plan we have in mind for that purpose. If nothing else, you will be able to rest a little easier knowing that we are not a group of bumbling fools with wild ideas that you have mistaken us for.

When you suggest that we contact the ACC through various means and insist that they do their job and "keep Bob Hardcastle from harming each and every one of us," you fail to address the fact that many of us have already done so, however, that effort has not thus far resolved our water problems. f it did, we would not be working hard to get Mr. Hardcastle off our mountain.

Jim and Cindi Estess, Pine

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