Cover Art By Local Painter


Local artist Donn C. Morris created the Western art featured on the front covers of the 2004 Progress edition.

Morris retired from full-time teaching 11 years ago, but continues to teach and share his love of art.


Donn C. Morris

Whether it's volunteer teaching at local elementary schools or offering classes at the community college, Morris can nearly always be found with a brush or pencil nearby.

He puts perspective on his life and craft by saying, "Until I retired, I was a teacher who painted. Now I'm a painter who also teaches."

When he's not teaching, Morris likes to concentrate on producing art.

"I work primarily in watercolor, but drawing is one of my favorite mediums as well," he said. "I work in pencil, pen, and now pastels. I'm trying to learn oils. Fortunately, I have the time and interest to learn new things.

"I hope my work captures my interest in people -- their places, their memories, their work, their play, their lives. My opportunities to travel and see the work of many fine artists have given me a deep appreciation for the magical power of art to move people emotionally and, in many ways, to change their lives," Morris said.

Art by Morris can be seen online at Additional art is on display at Myra's Gallery in Pine. For store hours, call (928) 476-2256.

Watch for the 2004 Art Trek Studios Tour May 7-9, 2004. Morris, who lives in Payson with his wife Carolee, will be among more than 20 local artists participating in the tour. For more information, call Barb Bourscheidt at (928) 474-0373.

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