Assimilate, Instead Of Change



I see where someone wants the Roundup to be more "balanced" politically. I suspect that what the writer really means is that the Roundup should reflect the same political slant as those papers had where that person came from before re-locating to the Rim country. When one moves into a rural area where many of the residents, old and new, retain and share traditional rural western values, they should expect the local paper to reflect those same values.

I think the Roundup and the local radio stations do a good job of that.

I often sense that some people move into a rural area such as this to escape the pitiful conditions that exist in most metropolitan cities of America today. That's OK, as long as they recognize that if they want to enjoy the very "community character" reasons that brought them here, they should try to assimilate into the local culture, not change it. If one moves into the forest, they would be well advised to try to resemble a tree.

It's not like the Rim country does not reflect the broad spectrum of American cultures and values, it surely does. But if one is of a "big city liberal" orientation I think it would be fair to then ask "why choose the Rim country?"

It has very little in common with major metropolitan cities and many here would prefer to have it stay that way.

Perhaps a city such as Tucson would have been a better choice for someone who sees themselves as a "Progressive" who truly embraces change, good or bad.

Ron Hamric


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