Lu And John Carpino Were Krim



Lu and John Carpino were KRIM. Without them, it might as well remain nameless.

I recently moved to Payson from the Valley, where I had my favorite station, with my very favorite "Beth and Bill" morning show. Once KRIM boosted power, they were knocked out of my listening range.

In their place was Lu and John. My disappointment soon became true pleasure. I loved the format, but most of all, I loved what only the two of them could do. They created a very special way ofringing us all together. By surrounding themselves with local interests, including the school aged members of the community, theyirected ouritizens toward theest interests for Payson. They kept us all informed and made usfeel like weere an important part of his special town.

The owners of KRIM should do whatever they can do to bring them back. I won't be tuning in againnytime soon. I have turned to TVnstead with the hope that those Valley stations will be kind enough to carry our news. I will miss starting my workday with KRIM. will miss the "Frizz Factor." If I had a way to start a station for them, I would. If we can't get them back on the air, someone, someplace else will gain from our loss. You guys are the best.
Gwen Treston

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